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Professional Valuers and Property Appraisers

Professional Valuers and Property Appraisers

Professional Valuers and Property Appraisers

We are SAIV and SACPVP registered valuers, ensuring your protection and success

We believe in equal opportunity and non-discrimination

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  1. Our Services

    We offer a comprehensive range of property valuation and appraisal services. Our clients range from individual homeowners, banks, corporates and municipalities.
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    Headed up by Niel de Klerk, a former president of the Institute of Valuers, our company consists of a specialised team who are all dedicated in providing a professional service.
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    In order to achieve service excellence the company employs the latest technology and information systems. Technology is continuously investigated to enhance efficiency.

The Municipal Property Rates Act

Otherwise known as the MPRA, this act requires all municipalities to compile a Property Register. The dynamic nature of urban areas makes this is a complex requirement. Furthermore, township establishment, subdivision, consolidation, rezoning and consent use are common town planning processes that are difficult to administer. These processes affect property values, the foundation of the municipal income stream.

Property register layers
Property register layers

Failure to effectively manage these processes increases the risk of losing rates tax income! Our experience, technology and service ethic ensure that our processes effectively manage this risk! Read more